Friday, January 6, 2012


2.The ENMEDURANKI TEXT speaks of the gods SAMAS and ADAD taught ENMEDURANKI then ENMEDURANKI taught mortals  of NIPPUR ,BABYLON,SIPPAR ,they were the LEARNT ONES ,THE ENMEDURANKI TEXT speaks of the secrets of divination ,astrology and related mathmatics.THE ANCIENT TABLETS OF ANZU when ANZU stole the TABLET OF DESTINY from ENLIL in TABLET 1 and took away the ENLIL POWER and the RITES .THE WARRIOR NINURTA was sent to retrieve these TABLETS from ANZU and NINURTA entered EKUR /PYRAMID where there was cult centers .THE SEVEN TABLETS OF CREATION for which you mortals will be giving the higher mysteries by NETJER NEB:AKHU ZEP TEPY the INCARNATION of  RA{son of ra}offspring of GOD{NTR.IN THE SEVEN TABLETS OF CREATION MURDUK took the TABLETS OF DESTINIES from kingus breast and sealed it with his seal and placed it on his own breast .THESE TABLETS OF DESTINY is called in sanskrit AKASHA known as the AKASHA RECORDS the SACRED LIBRARY OF ALL EVENTS and RESPONSES going according to ANCIENT KEMETIC /EGYPTIAN TEXT it can be reached by IMMORTALS and mortals who have silenced there mind .THERE is a RECORD of all that can be tapped and this RECORD sometimes comes out as DEJA VU a french word for already seen and DEJA VECU already experienced YOU mortals have forgot that CERTAIN MORTALS BLOOD goes back to the TURIN PAPYRUS or the TURIN ROYAL CANON {TURIN KING LIST }where the NETJERU {GODS}ruled and had offsprings from the LOWER MORTALS thus it is recorded in you as GENETIC MEMORY ,ANCESTRAL GENETIC MEMORY .

Thursday, January 5, 2012


1-The Tablet of Destinies was mentioned in numerous sumerian ancient tablets and kemetic/egyptian /tamarean papyrus also according to the beginning of chinese history was a tablet that that was connected directly to the universe/underverse/oververse the multiverse,it was revised by mortals and pictured in the hands of FUH HI ,IT WAS CALLED THE TABLETS OF FUH HI ,we take the trace of these TABLETS back to the BABYLONIAN TABLET OF DESTINIES mentioned in the ENMEDURANKI TEXT which was discovered in the archives of ASURBANIPAL,ENMEDURANKI KING of SIPPAR  is the seventh of the ABORIGINAL KINGS he thus declares that he himself recieved the divine tablet from ANU also in the PAPYRUS OF ANI /CHAPTER 17 the BENU BIRD which is in ANU which the BENU BIRD is RA incarnated as OSIRIS the keeper of the volume of the book {TABLETS OF DESTINIES}of the things which have been made and of the things which shall be made ...